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Oppo Unveils Artificial Intelligence Glasses

Oppo introduced Air Glass 3, a smart glasses with artificial intelligence support and voice search. What will the device offer to its users? Here are the details!

Oppo introduced Air Glass 3, a smart glasses with artificial intelligence assistant, voice search and many more features.

Although these glasses look like any normal glasses, they actually contain many smart features. The glasses have the ability to show colored images to the user.

Oppo does not ignore the convenience and comfort of its users and designs the glasses as light as possible. The weight is stated to be approximately 50 grams.

What Does Oppo Air Glass 3 Offer to Users?

Oppo has made many technological advances to design thin bezels and optically transparent displays. The resin waveguides for imaging are 0.88 mm thick and contain MicroLED display data that provides up to 1000 nits of brightness per lens.

Oppo Air Glass 3 also includes speakers for app interaction. These speakers feature reverse sound field technology to protect user privacy. This means that surrounding people will not be able to hear the sounds coming out of the speaker, and only the user will be able to hear the sounds.

Oppo Air Glass 3 will come with the ColorOS 13 operating system and can be easily paired with one of the latest Oppo phones.

Users will be able to experience the features of the glasses through the touchpad on the frame. Apart from that, Oppo Air Glass 3 has voice search, music playback and color image scanning features. However, it is expected that information such as navigation, timer and health will be added with future versions.

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