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Offspring Produced From Two Male Mice

Offspring Produced From Two Male Mice

Japanese scientists managed to breed offspring from two male mice. The researchers genetically altered the mice’s skin cells to turn them into eggs. The scientists announced that they aim to use the technique in humans as well.

There was a development in Japan that broke the rules of genetics. Scientists at Osaka University first produced male cells and then baby mice.

Japanese researchers transformed the skin cells of genetically modified male mice into stem cells.

The scientists deleted the sex-determining Y chromosome from the cells and paired it with the female X chromosome. In this way, egg production was carried out successfully. An egg from one male mouse was fertilized with sperm from another male mouse.

Experts say that they obtained 7 healthy baby mice with the stem cell method. In this way, offspring were obtained from two male female mice.

The results of the research were announced at the “Gene Editing Summit” held at the Crick Institute in London.

Two Male Mice


The team is now preparing to test the technique on humans. It is stated that the method can be developed further after 10 years and can be used in the treatment of infertility. In this way, “Turner syndrome”, which is caused by X chromosome deficiency, can also be treated.

However, Japanese scientists emphasize that it is much more difficult to achieve success in human cells.

Two female mice had previously produced offspring, but offspring produced from male mice did not survive.

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