Official Holidays in Turkish Education System

One of statements that millions of student, parents and educators wait curiously is official holidays. Together with official holidays and weekends, holidays over 100 days on average occur in year. Holidays which are pleasing and elating incident for everyone cover a period of 104 days in 2018 education year.

Primary and secondary schools and higher education institutions start to education life from second week of September. Education life commenced in September is closed with semester period in January for 15 days. In this period named interim report period, students and educators enjoy winter holiday of two weeks.

Following semester holiday, education year of second semester begins and this period continues till mid-June. In mid-June, end of education year come and year-end holiday initiates. Long term summer holiday starting in June ends in September and new education year gets start.

2018 Official Holidays in Turkish Education System

2018 started with Holiday

Official holidays in Turkish education system is quite a lot for 2018, first day of year commenced with holiday. With corresponding to Monday of new year, all schools in Turkey were closed temporarily and a holiday surprise of three days from Friday to Tuesday was experienced for new year.

23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day Holiday

23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of Republic of Turkey has presented to both Turkish children and World children coincides with Monday and when combined with weekend, a short holiday of three days emerge. In this day, celebrations across Turkey and the official programs to which children coming from various parts of the world participate are organized.

May 1 Labour and Solidarity Day Holiday

May 1 Labour and Solidarity Day also known as Labour Day corresponds to Tuesday among 2018 official holidays. In the labour day which has been celebrated as official holiday in Turkey for a long time, the workers gathering in squares utter their demands and celebrate this day with several different entertainments.

May 19 the Commemoration of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day

May 19, the day when fight for salvation of Turkey started is a special day presented to youth, assurance of Turkey by Atatürk. Celebrations are made in stadiums, open spaces and squares across Turkey in May 19, official ceremonies are organized and this day is passed as holiday.  However, May 19 holiday coincides with Saturday, namely weekend in 2018. It will also correspond to Sunday in 2019, May 19 the Commemoration of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day will enter in official holiday calendar in 2020.

Official Holidays for Employees in Turkey

After May, official holidays in Turkish education system cease and as of June, a long summer holiday is entered for education period. However, official holidays in year keep on for employees.

July 15 Democracy and National Solidarity Day Holiday

For the sake of not to forget July 15 coup attempt seen as the biggest social movement in recent years and experienced in Turkey and the resistance displayed by Turkish nation against this coup, it has taken its place as official holiday in calendar. This holiday corresponding to Sunday will coincide with weekday from 2019.

Ramadan Feast and Feast of Sacrifice Holidays

Religious holidays constitute the longest non-business days in Turkey. Ramadan Feast, one of the religious holidays that coalescence is experienced between people and the manifestation of national solidarity and union corresponds to June 15 Friday and forms a holiday time of four days.

As with each year, the longest holiday corresponds to feast of sacrifice again. Feast of sacrifice comprising holiday period of 9 days starts August 18 and continues till August 26.

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