Obese Cat “ŞİRAZ” Slims Down With Pilates And Swimming

"Şiraz", a 4-year-old cat who became obese due to irregular nutrition and inactivity, is trying to get rid of her excess weight by doing pilates and swimming in the pool.

Beyza Dikkatli’s cat, which she adopted when she was 2.5 months old and named Şiraz, gained excessive weight over time after the sterilization operation. Dikkatli realized that her 4-year-old cat reached 9 kilograms in a short time.

Şiraz, whom Dikkatli took to the veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation center because she gained weight due to overfeeding and inactivity, started the process of losing weight.

Şiraz, who has been exercising with a treadmill and pilates ball every day for 2 months, managed to lose 2 kilograms in a short time by swimming in the pool.

Şiraz, who is on a diet in addition to exercise, continues her therapy program to lose the remaining 3 kilos.

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