Now There Is Discount On Gasoline!

Fluctuations in gasoline and diesel prices continue. Finally, 92 cents discount on diesel is reflected in prices as of midnight, while 50 cents discount on gasoline is expected to be valid from midnight tonight. With the changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange, citizens continue to follow gasoline and diesel prices.

Diesel Discount Has Arrived

The discount of 92 cents in diesel was reflected in the prices as of midnight. Gasoline, on the other hand, is expected to be reduced by 50 cents from midnight tonight.

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How Many Liters Will It Be?

With the discount that will be effective as of Wednesday, July 27, the liter price of gasoline in Istanbul will decrease from 22 liras to 23 cents.

How is it calculated?

Fuel prices are calculated by refineries based on the average of processed product prices in the Mediterranean market, including Turkey, and changes in the dollar exchange rate. As a result of this calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may differ slightly according to companies and cities due to competition and freedom.


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