Nostradamus Made a Date: Antichrist Will Appear

Athos Salomé, who became famous by correctly predicting the World Cup finals and the Covid-19 pandemic and known as the ‘Living Nostradamus’, claimed that the Antichrist would appear in the period between 2023 and 2026.

Frightening allegations came from Athos Salomé, known in Brazil as the ‘Living Nostradamus’ and known for his accurate predictions about the pandemic, including the death of Queen Elizabeth, about the Antichrist.


Athos Salome, 35, known as the Living Nostradamus, claimed in 2023 that the Antichrist was not actually a single person and that his return would not come from Europe. Salome suggested that the beginning of the end would come with the return of the Antichrist.


Speaking to the Daily Star, Salome said, “Contrary to what everyone thinks, the Antichrist does not come from Europe and according to Kabbalah studies, it will show itself fully between 2023 and 2026. Although the holy books accept the Antichrist as a being, this does not mean that he will come into existence as a single person. In fact, the Antichrist is already ready and in action,’ he said.

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