Nikola’s electric trucks catch fire for the fourth time

Nikola Motor’s electric trucks continue to come under fire. Another one of the American company’s Tre BEV electric trucks burst into flames as a result of a “thermal event”.

Following an investigation into a fire in one of its Tre BEV electric trucks, Nikola Motor Company was forced to take action in mid-August and recall almost all vehicles delivered to customers to fix a defect that could have caused the fire.

As the recall was gaining momentum, another electric truck caught fire at the company’s headquarters in Arizona. According to details, one of the pre-production prototypes near the company’s headquarters in Phoenix caught fire last Friday as a result of a “thermal event”.

The vehicle in question was undergoing battery fire inspection and a number of tests in an open area. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the incident. The Phoenix Fire Department responded quickly and brought the fire under control, the press release said.

What caused the fire?

The cause of these fires has been identified in previous investigations. Initial findings point to a coolant leak. Simultaneously with the recall, Nikola Motor has temporarily halted sales of its electric trucks until a solution is reached.

The latest incident was the fourth fire in the Tre BEV electric trucks, of which only 209 were produced in total. These statistics do not paint a positive picture for the manufacturer. Moreover, all four fire incidents occurred in the last four months.

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