NFT Auction for Togg C-SUV Special Series Starts Feb. 5

Those who purchase NFT will be entitled to participate in the pre-order for 2023 Togg C-SUVs, which will be delivered in April, May and June of 2023, specially produced for the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

Togg’s “100th Anniversary”, produced specifically for the 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic. Year Special Series” is preparing to introduce the NFT collection to the users by auction method.

The bidding process for 2023 NFTs, which Togg has started to promote innovatively through the digital experience platform Trumore, will begin on February 5 and will last until February 15. Users who download the Trumore application available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery and create Tru.ID will be able to bid for only one NFT through the “NFT Purchase Platform”, which will be located in the same area with their Avax digital assets transferred to their digital asset wallets.

If the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction, the right to pre-order will belong to the bidder. Thanks to the ‘buy now’ option in the application, users will be able to have the NFT they are interested in without waiting for the end of the auction period. Users who purchase NFT, “100. Year Special Series” will also gain the right to pre-order and determine the order of delivery for Togg Smart Devices.

It Will Also Determine the Order of Delivery of the Special Series

NFTs numbered from 1 to 2023, which were introduced through Trumore and whose auction will begin on February 5, 2023, will also determine the order for the delivery of special series Smart Devices with the right to participate in the pre-order for the 100th Anniversary Special Series Togg Smart Devices. For example, a user who purchases NFT number 01 will receive the 100th Anniversary Special Series Togg Smart Device in the first place when it starts to be delivered.

NFT Numbers Will Be Engraved on Vehicles

Those who purchase NFT via auction will also have the right to pre-order the Smart Device on which this number is processed. For example, a user who bought NFT numbered 1923; Pre-order for the special series Togg Smart Device, which is embroidered on the front decorative panel, smart device key and trunk lid, will be the owner of the smart device with the relevant number from this special series, which will be delivered on priority. The seats of these smart devices are also different from mass production. “100. Year Special Series” emblem will be produced embroidered.

Users will be able to determine their order right and order by choosing among NFTs consisting of many symbolic numbers, from city plate numbers to the founding date of their favorite team, to birthdays.

The collectible rear-wheel drive “100th Year Special Series” Togg Smart Devices will be offered to NFT owners with Anadolu and Gemlik color options special for the launch.

The Rarest Are Small-numbered NFTs

In the musical ones of the NFTs designed by the world-famous Cyber-Physical Architect and New Media Artist Güvenç Özel, the sounds composed by the New Media Artist Mehmet Ünal with the support of artificial intelligence were used.

NFTs determined as “normal”, “rare”, “very rare” and “most rare” according to their rarity types, are “100. Year Special Series Smart Devices” will also offer the opportunity to receive delivery earlier. Those NFTs between 01 and 100 were grouped as the rarest, those between 101 and 250 were very rare, those between 250-999 were rare, and those between 1000-2023 were grouped as normal. Its revenue from the sale of Togg NFT is “100th Year Special Series” will be shared with the two artists who make up the NFT collection and will be used in the creation of new digital arts in the future.

According to this;

  • Normal NFTs 1000-2023 10 Avax
  • Rare NFTs 250-999 15 Avax
  • Very rare NFTs 101-250 20 Avax
  • Rareest NFTs 01-100 from 30 Avax

will be auctioned at starting prices.

Only One NFT Can Be Bid

Each individual user who downloads the Trumore app and creates a Tru.ID will be able to bid for only one NFT, irrevocably. It will be possible for the same user to place a bid on another number, if a higher bid is received for the NFT to which he has bid. In this way, at the end of the auction period, each Tru.ID user will be able to own a maximum of one NFT. The cost of the NFT purchased will be independent of the cost of owning the Togg smart device.

Once NFTs are auctioned, they will be able to change hands until the pre-order period of the smart device. The NFTs of the users who convert the right offered with NFTs to pre-order on the dates to be announced by Togg will be transferred to the wallet of the Togg smart device and will become an inseparable part of the smart device and will be irreplaceable from now on. After the pre-order is created, the NFT will be processed into the Togg smart device and will also act as a digital certificate confirming the special series.

Artist information and features of the 100th Anniversary Special Series NFT collection

The NFT series consists of five sub-collections, with visual art works by Cyber-Physical Architect and New Media Artist Güvenç Özel, and sound studies by New Media Artist Mehmet Ünal. Each collection bearing the names ‘Seed’, ‘Heritage’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Spectrum1’ and ‘Spectrum2’ contains only one rarest NFT.

Concepts in Togg’s USECASEMobility® concept in the seed collection, Turkish architectural images in the Heritage collection, futuristic city images and machines in the Ufuk collection, city images collected from 81 cities of Turkey in Spectrum1, natural, historical and touristic images of Turkey in Spectrum2. consists of unique pieces, each of which is a blend of the artist’s hand and digital sketches and an artificial intelligence algorithm.

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