New method in pregnancy test! Saliva-based test shows 95 percent accurate results

New method in pregnancy test! Saliva-based test shows 95 percent accurate results

A biotech company in Israel is preparing to launch the world’s first saliva-based pregnancy test soon inspired by Covid-19 test kits. The test, which gives 95 percent accurate results, is expected to be sold in some countries in 2023.

An Israeli biotech company that developed the pregnancy test based on the technology used to make the Covid-19 test kits said the test kits will be available in these regions early next year.



The saliva test is as simple as traditional pregnancy tests. It is also very easy to use the less demanding test kit. Subjects hold a piece of the test kit in their mouth for a few seconds to collect saliva and place a sample in the test tube.


After less than 10 minutes, the result becomes clear. Like many urine-based tests, a saliva test can be done on the first day of a missed period to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone ß-hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). While stating that it gives 95 percent correct results, the double line rule is the same in the pregnancy test.


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