New Development from Roketsan: Barbaros Coastal Defense System

The first test firing of the Barbaros Coastal Defense System developed by Roketsan was made. Next year, it will reach a level that will meet the basic needs of the Navy.

ROKETSAN’s coastal defense system, Barbaros, continues its preparations to be put into use by the Turkish Armed Forces. The first shot of Barbaros was carried out in Sinop with a shot from the shore in the past months.

Atmaca and Cakir Will Fire Their Missiles

Consisting of mobile batteries, Barbaros will be used with Roketsan’s domestic missiles. With four national anti-ship missiles Atmaca or six national cruise missiles Cakir, Turkey’s security on the coasts will be protected. It will eliminate threats at sea.

The Barbaros Coastal Defense System will be integrated with the Advent Combat Management System developed by Havelsan. Threats will be tracked through Advent and Barbaros’ position can be changed accordingly. He’ll be ready to shoot in five minutes. Target engagement can be changed according to the size, type, threat level and priority of the targets. Thanks to Advent, he will be able to engage and shoot without seeing the targets.

Emphasizing the importance of mobile batteries against threats coming from the sea as Turkey is surrounded by the sea on three sides, ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Ikinci said, “Barbaros Coastal Defense System is a radar that can move in less than 5 minutes, uses the Advent Combat Management System and network-supported capabilities against targets at sea. It will be put into the service of the Turkish Armed Forces and Naval Forces as a system that can combine the information coming from the Turkish Armed Forces systems and engage in target engagement. The biggest advantage here is that a mobile coastal defense battery system, with its command control and launcher capabilities, and its capabilities in target identification and target engagement, will have the capabilities to eliminate any target and threat that may come from the sea.”

New Features Will Be Added to Barbaros

General Manager of ROKETSAN, Ikinci, stated that they aim to meet the basic needs of the Naval Forces in the next year, and that they aim to meet the basic needs of the Naval Forces, and that new capabilities will be added over time, “We made a successful shot very recently. It will be a system that will be developed with the capabilities to be added gradually. By next year, we aim to bring this system to a level that will meet the basic needs of the Naval Forces. After that, many abilities will be added on the sensor capability. The Barbaros system will continue to be worked as a self-sourced project of ROKETSAN in a structure that continues to grow, increases its capabilities and responds to the changing defense needs of our country.” used the phrases.

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