The First Test of the Turkish Vertical Launcher System MIDLAS Has Been Successfully Done

In the first test of MIDLAS, the National Vertical Launch Launcher System developed by ROKETSAN, the HİSAR missile was successfully fired. All details about MIDLAS are in our news.

The first test of the National Vertical Launcher System (MIDLAS), launched by ROKETSAN, was carried out. The HİSAR missile was successfully fired using MIDLAS.

President of the Presidency Defense Industry İsmail Demir, who shared the shooting footage on his Twitter account, said, “We are laying the foundation stones of our air defense systems that will be fired from our warships. In the first test of the National Vertical Launch Launcher System MIDLAS, the HİSAR missile was successfully fired. In 2023, it will be integrated into the ISTANBUL frigate and will enter the DzKK inventory.” used his statements.

Thanks to MIDLAS, foreign dependency will end by using the domestic launcher system on ships and naval platforms in the Turkish navy. National missiles such as HİSAR will be fired with a national launcher.

To Inventory In September 2023

MIDLAS will first be used with the Hisar-D RF missile, which is the sea-adapted version of Hisar-O. Afterwards, Trench Blok-1, Atmaca and other national missiles will be fired from MIDLAS. It is planned that MIDLAS will be integrated into the TCG Istanbul ship, the first of the STIF class national frigates, and will enter the inventory of the Naval Forces Command in September 2023. There are also studies on land-based versions for the protection of naval bases and ports.

US Embargo Implemented

The US-made Mark 41 Vertical Launcher System (Mk41 VLS) was planned to be used in TCG Istanbul, but the US imposed an embargo in 2021 and did not allow it to be used in TCG Anadolu. After this development, the MIDLAS project was accelerated. The domestic launcher system that will replace the Mk41 will be ready in September 2023.

The under-deck vertical launcher system is produced by a small number of countries in the world. Thanks to MIDLAS produced by ROKETSAN, we will not be affected by the embargoes of foreign countries and the restrictions of the manufacturers.

Commenting on the subject, ROKETSAN General Manager Murat Ikinci said:

“We are planning to launch air defense missiles, in particular, over MİDLAS in the first place. Later, we will continue to work on integration for the successful launch of our Atmaca anti-ship missile over MİDLAS. This gives us the possibility of vertically launching any missile that we can use from naval platforms, missiles developed nationally by ROKETSAN. “The Combat Management System of our war platforms is also being developed nationally by our sister companies. The fact that such launcher systems integrated with them can use national ammunition, paves the way for Turkey to act completely independently in this regard.”

Referring to the embargo imposed on Turkey, second said, “We have reached a stage where we have exceeded the restrictions and embargoes imposed on us regarding the systems we currently use, very quickly, with the power of Turkish engineering, as the result of Turkish engineering studies. This is actually one of the happiest points for us.” said.

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