New Content Creation Tools Coming to YouTube Shorts!

New Content Creation Tools Coming to YouTube Shorts!

YouTube Shorts is getting new editing tools. Thus, it will now be more fun to create short-form videos in the application. Here are the details!

YouTube Shorts, which has been in competition with TikTok since the first day it was released, takes care to be full of innovations and surprises in order for the application to win this race. There are many studies for users not to get bored with the application and to have new experiences.

All these efforts lead to positive results. For example; YouTube Shorts is now watched by more than 2 billion logged-in users every month. Here is a new move from the company to further increase this interest. There are now 6 new ways to create content on Shorts.

What will change in the application with new features?

According to the article published on YouTube’s blog page, the first of the innovations is the ‘Collab’ remix. With this feature, content creators can now record a Short side by side with other YouTube or Shorts videos.

You can also use the ‘cut’ feature to remix a 1 to 5 second clip or Short from a YouTube video. This feature will be available on all iOS devices starting today. Android devices are expected to access the feature in the coming weeks.

Another feature is the addition of new effects and stickers to the app. For example, with the Q&A sticker, a content creator can ask a question to their audience and get a direct response. The ability to reply to comments via text message to continue the conversation will also be added.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube will add live videos to the new version of the Shorts stream, just like TikTok, and will start testing it. In this new feature developed for live content creators, viewers in the test group will be able to see previews of live videos along with other short videos when they scroll.

It is also thought that this feature will provide more opportunities for live video creators to monetise.

Another feature is remix creation. In the Shorts player, users tap the Remix button, then select “use audio”. YouTube will then produce both the effect and the same audio stamp as the short video they just watched.

Another feature is the save option. You will be able to add the effects you are inspired to use in the Shorts video you will create later to the playlist on YouTube. Thus, you will be able to find and use the effects you want more easily while editing videos.

The last feature in the test phase is quite remarkable. Because it will help you convert horizontal videos to Short more easily. Adjusting video layout, zooming, cropping, screen effects will be in the hands of the video creator.

What do you think about these new tools of YouTube? Let’s meet in the comments.

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