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New Artificial Intelligence app Creates Videos with a Single Word! HOW TO USE?

The emerging artificial intelligence-based application QuickVid converts a user-written text into a short video. AI developers claim you can use it for YouTube Shorts.

The results of artificial intelligence systems such as Dall-E, Stable Dispersion, Mid-Journey that transform text into pictures are impressive. Now a new one has been added to these; The new artificial intelligence-based application, called QuickVid, combines various artificial intelligence systems to create short videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms.

Google and Meta already have artificial intelligence applications that convert text to video, but they are not available to everyone yet. QuickVid is not yet capable of creating multiple still diffusion photos and editing them into a clip, or creating a true video with access to the latest artificial intelligence systems. A simple application that can create short videos from text.


The first step is to have the AI generate a script using your instructions. Just write a single word. The AI creates a narrative that doesn’t skip any characters, and then asks you to choose between a male or female voice. The AI-generated video is taken from a storage library containing many clips related to the selected topic. The AI then adds small images generated by the Dall-E API, and here’s the result:

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