Nature God ‘Dionysus’ On Display For The First Time In 92 Years

Statue heads belonging to the Nature god ‘Dionysos’ were exhibited for the first time in Izmir Archeology Museum 92 years after they were found. Museum expert Elvan Tural Tercan said, “The first is a 2,000-year-old artifact from the Roman period, and the second is a 2300-year-old artifact from the Hellenistic period.” Sculpture heads belonging to Izmir began to be exhibited at the Izmir Archeology Museum. The first of the statue heads belonging to the nature god ‘Dionysus’, representing entertainment, theatre, civilization and peace, was found in the Ancient City of Ephesus in 1930. The artifact, which was kept in the warehouse of the museum for 92 years, was presented to history buffs for the first time. The 20-centimeter piece, with her hair parted in the middle, her nose broken, and bruises on her right eyebrow, was placed in a glass lantern in the foyer. It was stated that the other head of the ‘Dionysus’ statue was 18 centimeters long and belonged to the Hellenistic period. This work, which is unknown when it came to the museum, was also taken under protection and exhibited for the first time.

Both Made Of Marble Material

Museum expert Elvan Tural Tercan, who gave information about the artifacts, said, “Two statue heads belonging to the nature god ‘Dionysos’. The first is a 2,000-year-old artifact from the Roman period. The second is a 2,300-year-old artifact. -Ancient artifact from the Hellenistic period. Both “It is made of marble. The first one is made of marble. It came to our museum from the ancient city of Ephesus in 1930. It was stored for protection purposes. It was exhibited 92 years later. The other head of the statue came from our region. An Anatolian god associated with fruit trees. Therefore, festivals were held in his name.”

Photograph: Kadir Ozen/Izmir-DHA

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