NATO: “Russia Plans New Offensive Against Ukraine”

Head of NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer said that they think that Russia will launch an offensive in Ukraine in the spring and that Ukraine should be prepared for this situation.

The Russia-Ukraine war will be 1 year behind on February 24.

Expectations for peace are low as the conflicts intensifying in eastern Ukraine continue.

In this context, NATO Military Committee Chairman Admiral Rob Bauer held a press conference at the end of the NATO Chiefs of Staff Meeting, where Turkey was represented by Chief of General Staff General Yasar Guler.

“We Expect an Offensive from Russia in the Spring”

While answering the question about the possibility of Russia to organize a new attack, Bauer said that Russia’s strategic goals have not changed, therefore they expect a new offensive.

“It’s not something we’re absolutely sure of, but based on assumptions, they will most likely launch another offensive in the spring if they haven’t changed their strategic objectives,” said Rob Bauer.

Noting that Ukraine already has this idea, Bauer said, “The Ukrainians need to be prepared for this.”

Ukraine’s Need for Tanks

While answering the question about how much Ukraine needs the tanks it demands from Western countries, Bauer said:
“All kinds of weapons are necessary in a war. If the Russians use tanks in the war, the Ukrainians need tanks too. If there is a tank targeted at you, you should have a tank too. For Ukrainians, it is important to match their enemies. Also important for Ukraine is the desire to take back their own land from the Russians. The tank is an important weapon system to fight the Russians and push the Russian forces out of those lands.”

“There Is No Weapon System Tthat Can Be Considered A Magic Wand by Itself”

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR) Gen. Christopher Cavoli on tanks said: “There is no single weapon system that can be considered a magic wand. A balance of all systems is necessary.” said.

Stating that the tanks of Western countries are superior to Russian technology, Cavoli: “Comparing tanks against tanks alone would not be correct. Here, supplies, logistics, maintenance, ability to determine targets are important. All of these are a whole.” used the phrases.

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