Arms Support from the Pentagon to Ukraine

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), stated that they will not interrupt their arms support in an operation to be carried out by Ukraine in Crimea.

Statements of aid continue to come from the USA, which participated in the war between Russia and Ukraine with material and moral support from the Ukrainian ranks.

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), answered the question regarding the statements of Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov that they will carry out an operation against Crimea with weapons supplied by the US.

“We Will Support Ukraine Under All Conditions”

Singh said that Crimea is Ukrainian territory and that the United States has long maintained its position on this issue.

“We will support the Ukrainians in reclaiming their land no matter what tools or weapons they use. We have not stopped short of stating this from the beginning,” Singh said.

“Crimea is a Part of Ukraine”

When the AA correspondent asked whether they gave tactics and advice to the Ukrainian army on taking Crimea, Singh said that they did not put any pressure on the Ukrainian army on how they would conduct their operations and that would be Ukraine’s decision.

“Crimea is part of Ukraine. We have made this clear from the beginning. If they decide to launch an operation in Crimea, they will decide among themselves. It is a part of their country that was illegally occupied by Russia in 2014. They have the right to take it back.” he said.

US Weapons Assistance to Ukraine

Evaluating a question about the US withdrawing its weapons and equipment from Israel and South Korea and giving it to Ukraine, Singh said that the US pulled equipment and weapons from its bases around the world, but they did so in a way that would not harm the American army’s combat readiness capability.

Stating that they talked to both Israel and South Korea about the withdrawal of these weapons, Singh claimed that withdrawing weapons and equipment from these places does not mean that the US stocks are insufficient.

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