National Skier Kaan Samgul Died

Kaan Şamgül, a 22-year-old national athlete who was inactive on the street in Kağıthane, died in the hospital he was taken to.

112 Emergency Health and police teams were informed after the people around saw that an inactive person was lying on the ground in a street in the Kağıthane Emniyetevleri Mahallesi yesterday morning .

The person, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance after the first intervention by the medical teams at the scene, died.

In the investigation initiated by the police regarding the incident, it was determined that the deceased person was Kaan Şamgül, 22, a national athlete in the ski branch and also a Turkish champion.

It was learned that Şamgül went to have fun with her friend AA and accompanying friends the night before, left the group after a while and was never heard from again.

The police investigation into the “suspicious death” incident continues.

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