National Forces Museum

National Forces Museum

The building, which was used as the Municipality Building until it became the National Forces Museum, was built in 1840 as the mansion of Giridizade Mehmet Pasha, the Treasurer of the Karesi Sanjak. Then it was destroyed by a fire in 1800. His grandson Halit Pasha mansion was built instead and it became a place where important services were given during the War of Independence. The municipality took action in l985 and l986 to open the old town hall, which had been headquarters for the activities of the National Struggle, as a museum, and made two council decisions. Later, the indefinite usage right of this building was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Antiquities and a protocol was signed between Balıkesir Governorship and Municipality on this matter. Later, after the establishment of the Museum Directorate in 1987, the restoration work was accelerated, and the museum was opened on September 6, 1996, after the collection of works was completed. On the ground floor of the National Forces Museum, which consists of two sections; The written decisions taken by the 41 people who pioneered the establishment of the National Forces in Balıkesir, the decisions of the congress, the personal belongings and photographs of these heroes and the photographs taken when Atatürk came to Balıkesir are exhibited. On the second floor of 120 m², archaeological artifacts and ethnographic artifacts unearthed in the city are exhibited.

In the two-storey museum, there are documents, photographs and sculptures describing the occupation of Izmir on the first floor, while archaeological and ethnographic works reflecting the period of Balıkesir from prehistoric times to the present are exhibited on the second floor. If you happen to be here, you should definitely stop by. Here you can find both the spirit of the Independence War and the history and culture of the city in this museum.

The museum is open between 09.00 a.m – 07.00 p.m in the summer and 08.30 a.m – 05.30 p.m in the winter season and is open every day of the week. The museum is closed until 13:00 on the first day of religious holidays. Entry fee is 5 tl.


Kuvay-ı Milliye Museum is located on Anafartalar Street in Hisariçi District of Balıkesir central Karesi district. You can reach here very comfortably with the help of signboards on Tarlabaşı Street in your personal vehicle. Or you can reach the city center by using public transportation.

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