NASA to Launch Satellite to Search for Ice on the Moon!

After successfully completing its mission, Artemi 1, NASA’s new plan has emerged. A satellite was launched to the only natural satellite of the Earth and studies were started to find ice on the surface of the Moon.

The satellite called Lunar Flashlight, launched through the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, began to search for ice on the surface of the Moon. It has been reported that this satellite, which is heading towards the sky from a special area prepared by the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, will scan the surface of the Moon for 4 months.

Will Lunar Flashlight Return to Earth?

It is thought that Lunar Flashlight, which will provide information about the South Pole of the Moon, will answer the questions that humanity is curious about. Because the South Pole of the Moon has not yet been fully explored. Ice and icy springs can be found at this pole.

This satellite will never return to Earth. His life depends on NASA or his own power. His power is limited. Also, NASA can pull the plug on it.

NASA officials want this satellite to detect ice and icy water on the Moon’s surface with a reflectometer that emits infrared light and is equipped with four lasers. Lunar Flashlight will operate for 120 days.

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