NASA to Bring Down the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS), our base in space, is about to expire. The American Aerospace Agency NASA is investigating how it can return the ISS to Earth. A plan has already been made.

According to the plan of NASA scientists, a new de-orbiting spacecraft will be developed to return the International Space Station to Earth, and this vehicle will work like a tractor and carry the station to the earth’s atmosphere. This and similar plans to transform the ISS have also found their way into the annual budget planning of the US government.

The money required to destroy the station, which will officially expire in 2030, includes $180 million of the total $27.2 billion resource given to NASA by the US government. With this money, NASA will try to develop a system that will destroy the ISS or return it to Earth.


On the other hand, NASA’s manned space flight chief Kathy Lueders said at a press conference that she expects the cost to reach $1 billion.

According to NASA’s plan, the International Space Station will be lowered into the so-called ‘Point Nemo’ in the Pacific Ocean after being returned to the atmosphere. This region is known as the most difficult area for human access in the world. Therefore, it is almost a ‘graveyard’ for spacecraft. Because so far, the adventure of thousands of spacecraft has ended at Nemo Point.

However, there is already a plan to destroy the space base by returning it to earth. It was planned to land the space station safely with Russia’s robotic cargo vehicles called ‘Progress’. However, with Russia’s announcement that it could leave the ISS partnership after 2024, the USA started to set up its own plan. Also, according to NASA administrator Lueders, this plan is an opportunity for the United States to have its own de-orbiting spacecraft.

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