NASA: Half Ton Meteorite Dropped!

NASA, the American Aerospace Agency, announced that a half-ton meteorite may have fallen in the state of Texas. The police chief said in a statement that the meteorite caused panic in McAllen, Texas.

According to a new statement by NASA, a meteorite weighing 453 kilograms may have fallen over the US state of Texas last Wednesday evening. On February 15, a fireball falling towards the earth caused panic by burning in the atmosphere near the city of McAllen, Texas. The US space agency announced that they are examining the reports in question.

The space agency stated that they have not received any feedback about any injury or material damage in the area of the object, which is thought to have fallen so far.


Last week, there was a meteorite panic in the state of Texas. Many residents of the city of McAllen said they saw a floating object in the night sky. Mission Police Chief Cesar Torres also stated in the press release that the floating object in the sky created an atmosphere of panic in the city.


A research team from NASA examined what the object was. Based on reports and analysis, they found that the object was probably a meteorite 60 centimeters in diameter and weighing about 453 kilograms.

The space agency made an assessment as “The angle of entry and velocity of the meteorite, as well as the markings in the meteorological radar images, are consistent with other naturally occurring meteorite falls.”

While meteorite fragments reaching the ground are called meteorites, experts said that pieces from the space stone “reached the ground” based on analysis of radars and other data.

It is thought that the meteorite probably had a body weight of more than 450 kilograms, but because it entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a high speed, it burned up and only smaller fragments remained. For this reason, NASA emphasizes that meteorites cool rapidly and generally pose no risk to the public.

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