NASA Announces: A $10 quintillion asteroid is approaching Earth!

NASA Announces: A $10 quintillion asteroid is approaching Earth!

Asteroid “16 Psyche”, thought to be worth 10 quintillions, is approaching Earth. Details are here!

The asteroid “16 Psyche” was caught on NASA’s radars. Theasteroid was seen approaching the Earth and investigations were started immediately. The asteroid, thought to be composed of gold, iron and nickel, is about 279 kilometers wide. The asteroid is estimated to be worth 10 quintillion dollars. This means approximately 1.3 trillion dollars per person. On the other hand, it is compared to Davida, the most valuable asteroidknown. Because Davida is worth 27 quintillion dollars. In this case, 16 Psyche could not surpass the asterod Davida in value.


Experts say that in addition to the material value of theasteroid, it is necessary to consider the positive effects it can add to scientific research. Because the Psycheasteroid is an important opportunity for human beings to access information about planetary cores and how planets are formed. But NASA is preparing a spacecraft to study the astroid.

When will the spacecraft be launched?

In a statement made by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was said that the flight software of the spacecraft had been extensively tested recently. Thus, the launch of the Psyche spacecraft will not take almost 100 days.

NASA collaborated with Elon Musk’s SpaceX in 2020. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, scheduled to launch on October 5, will carry NASA’s Psyche space probe. The Psyche space probe will travel 4 billion kilometers from Earth. Once the spacecraft reaches its destination, it will spend at least 26 months orbiting 16 Psyche.

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