Mother Brutality In Istanbul! She Threw Her Newborn Baby Out Of The Window

In Esenyurt, a woman who had just given birth put her baby in a grocery bag and threw it out of the window onto the street. The woman, who was wanted to be detained by the police, reacted by saying "What do you care, isn't it my child?".

The incident occurred at around 07.00 am today in Esenyurt Selahaddin Eyübbi Neighborhood. Allegedly, a woman who gave birth at home asked her neighbors for a grocery bag, put her baby in it and threw it out of the window of her house. A man taking his child to school suspected the bag and opened it as he passed by. When the man opened the bag, he was shocked to find a newborn baby. He notified the police and health teams. The police teams who came to the scene upon the notification started an investigation in the neighborhood, while the health teams took the baby to the hospital. While the police were looking for the mother everywhere, the police teams took action after the neighbors said that there was a woman who had just given birth. Police teams went to the woman’s house. It is learned that the woman did not open the door and reacted to the police saying “It is not my child”. After persuasion efforts, the woman was taken from her house and taken to the police station.
Police teams continue to work on the incident.

“The Baby Was Crying And Nothing Was On Him”

İnan Ulutekin, who saw the baby in a bag on the street, said, “I was taking my two children to school. Just then there was a noise. I thought it was an animal. I tore the bag and looked and saw a baby. It was alive. A sister came and wrapped it with a blanket. We informed the police. The baby was crying and had nothing on him. We put him in an ambulance and sent him away. They shot out of the window. I visualized my cat children, I really felt very sorry for them.”

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