Most Popular Yacht Charter Routes in Turkey

The best part of the summer months is meeting the sea, sand and sun. Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are full of people who want to enjoy their summer vacation. While some choose peace in two or three bedroom hostels in a quiet town, others leave themselves to the charm of five-star hotels. Yacht tours are the best alternative to the beaches on long summer days. Vacationers who go out to explore the bays and islands with daily boat tours in many holiday resorts also participate in boat tours with accommodation on several-day routes. In this article, the best boat tour routes where you can feel the Aegean and Mediterranean glow all over Turkey. You can find the most popular yacht charter routes in Turkey in this article.

1- Bodrum & Gökova

Gökova route is a very popular yacht charter route in Turkey, which starts and ends in Bodrum. It is one of the most popular and perhaps the best known blue cruise routes in recent years due to the popularity of Istanbul high society. This route, which offers the unique beauties of the Gulf of Gökova for a week, is one of the most comfortable routes and is one of the routes recommended especially for families with children. Today, Gökova Bay is one of the most frequented destinations for luxury motor yachts and luxury gulets. There are tiny settlements and authentic Aegean villages in many bays that stop for swimming breaks. You can take a stroll in these villages, chat with the villagers and have your dinner at the seaside restaurants where fresh seafood is served. The main places to visit on this blue cruise route are; Orak Island, Çökertme bay, Seven Islands, Cleopatra bay, Karacasöğüt, Kise Bükü, Pabuç Cape and Yalı Çiftlik. Although there is no need to describe Bodrum at length, you should not finish your tour on the first or last day of your blue cruise tour without seeing the Bodrum Castle, the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the ancient theater, strolling in the huge bazaar and exploring the nightlife.

2- Fethiye & Göcek

This blue cruise route departing from Fethiye is the most popular blue cruise route for families with children for both 3 nights, 4 days and 7 nights gulet charters. It is one of the frequent destinations of sea lovers, as the cruise time is short on this route and because the sea is always calm thanks to the rowed islands of Göcek. This group of islands, which starts from the western end of the Fethiye Gulf and is called 12 islands, is full of coves anchored by dozens of luxury gulets and motor yachts.

3- Dikili

Dikili, the holiday paradise of the North Aegean, is the northernmost district of Izmir on the Aegean Sea coast. A pleasant journey begins where you can see different shades of blue with boat tours from Dikili Pier during the summer period. The tour starts with a swimming break in Bademli Zindancık Bay and passes to Hanımın Bay, where the sea is warm with its rich thermal springs. After the lunch break, the last swimming break is given in Aquarium Bay, which is located near Kalem Island, Turkey’s only island hotel business. After sunset, the boats return to the center of Dikili. Those who wish can enjoy tours with accommodation by renting a boat.

4-Fethiye & Marmaris

Fethiye – Marmaris route is a two-way blue cruise route that includes many bays and islands on the way. It is one of the most enjoyable blue cruise routes with swimming breaks in calm waters, snorkeling and water sports activities. During the blue cruise you will make in this region, you can explore the enchanting Gocek bays and islands, and swim in the sparkling waters of Ekincik Bay and Marmaris bays. You can anchor in untouched bays intertwined with nature, and have an unforgettable experience accompanied by the scents of pine and thyme coming from the mountains with a sweet breeze. Another reason to choose the Fethiye – Marmaris route is to visit the ancient city of Kaunos and the rock tombs of the Carians with your private rental boat in the delta formed by the Dalyan river, surrounded by reeds.

5- Marmaris & Datça

The Datça Peninsula stretches from Marmaris Bay to the Aegean. This itinerary may differ depending on the weather and wind conditions. You can visit Çiftlik Bay, Bozukkale (Ancient Loryma), Kocaada, Bencik and Kargı bays, Datça, Kızılada, Bozburun, Kadırga, Kumlubük, and the most interesting ancient city of Knidos, the ruins of the Karya region, on this route whose starting point is Marmaris and extends to Hisarönü. During this journey, you can swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, visit magical historical sites and discover the unique natural beauties of these lands that have hosted countless civilizations for thousands of years.


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