Mosque Minaret in the Shape of a Samovar!

The samovar-shaped minaret of the Green Mosque, which has been under construction for 35 years in Giresun, was completed at the end of 4.5 years. Eynesil Makers and Makers Association President Ayhan Tufanoğlu said, “This is the hometown of tea, there are 5 tea factories. We wanted to promote and promote our tea. Drinking tea in a samovar also has a meaning. People gather around the samovar.” used expressions.

The samovar-shaped minaret of the Green Mosque, which has been under construction for 35 years in Giresun, was completed in 4.5 years. Green Mosque, the foundation of which was laid in 1987 in Eynesil district, is being built with inspiration from Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. No materials other than natural stone are used in the construction of the mosque, which was opened for worship after its interior was completed in 2012, and paint is not used in its decorations.


Its Minaret Draws Attention

The mosque’s “samovar” minaret, which was built in 4.5 years by processing the stones one by one, draws attention. Ayhan Tufanoglu, Chairman of Eynesil Doing Good and Doing Good, said that they wanted to produce a work befitting the ancestors. Stone Master Tufanoglu, who also worked in the construction of the mosque, stated that they built the mosque by processing the stones millimeter by millimeter, so the construction has been going on for 35 years.


Precise Calculations Have Been Made

Tufanoglu stated that they completed the minaret of the mosque this year. Explaining that 4.5 years passed between the establishment of the minaret and the establishment of the upper world, Tufanoglu said, “In this period, we brought the green stone from the Oren district, the yellow stone from Bayburt, and the red stone from Izmir. finished.” aforementioned. Noting that the time was due to labor intensity, Tufanoglu said, “There are very precise, millimetric calculations. The maximum margin of error that we will accept does not exceed 2 millimeters, it is difficult to correct when this error rate is exceeded. We did a study, for example, there is a red stalactite on the minaret, for example, each stalactite came out in 3 days.

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