Those Who Wake Up With Sexual Erection Attention!

There was a striking study of men in Belgium. According to research, men who wake up in the morning with an erection are much less likely to have a heart attack. “Impotence and the absence of morning erections are associated with a higher risk of death,” said researcher Leen Antonio. Scientists continue to make interesting observations about health. Recent research on men in Belgium has made a huge impact.

Lower Heart Disease Risk

A study at the Catholic University of Leuven found that men who wake up in the morning with an erect genitalia have a lower risk of heart attack and heart health problems.

morning erections

Linked to Higher Risk of Death

“Impotence and the inability to have morning erections are linked to a higher risk of death,” said researcher Leen Antonio. Experts also revealed that men with morning erections have a 22 percent lower risk of having a heart attack or heart disease.

Are Veins Working Correctly?

A survey was conducted while 1800 middle-aged and elderly men participated in the study. Evaluating the research to the British media, Dr. “Losing a morning erection is a sign that the arteries and heart are not working properly,” said Geoff Hackett. Experts also pointed out that hardening at night is a sign that the blood circulation system is working well.

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