Ministry Of Interior: 2 Soldiers Martyred

The Ministry of Interior announced that 2 gendarmerie personnel were martyred and 1 gendarmerie personnel and 1 security guard were seriously wounded during the operation in Şırnak.

Mehmetçik went on an operation in Şırnak…

During a spot operation conducted by Şırnak Gendarmerie Regional Command and Provincial Gendarmerie Command based on intelligence in Aksüt rural area of Bestler Dereler region, 1 terrorist was neutralized.

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu announced that the operation was successful with the participation of JÖH, gendarmerie commandos and security guards with the support of Gendarmerie SİHA, ATAK helicopters and Air Force Command, and shared the terrorist’s body in a yellow bag.

Minister Soylu wrote in his post, “There are 82… In the operation carried out with the support of J-SİHA, Atak Attack Helicopters and Air Force Command, with the participation of JÖH, gendarmerie commandos and security guards in Aksüt rural area in Şırnak’s Bestler Dereler region; 1 terrorist was neutralized. On the 100th anniversary of our Republic, not even one terrorist will be left within our borders!”

“We have 3 seriously wounded”

Şırnak Governorate also made a statement regarding the operation. The Governorate stated that the operation is ongoing in the region.

“1 terrorist was captured dead and 3 seriously wounded in the operation,” the statement said.

The Ministry of Interior announced the tragic news.

Within the scope of the ongoing operation, a hot contact was established with a group of terrorists who were trapped in a cave during a land search today, the statement said:

During the operation, 2 gendarmerie personnel were martyred, 1 security guard and 1 gendarmerie personnel were seriously wounded. We wish mercy to our martyrs from Allah Almighty and a speedy recovery to our wounded personnel.

2 More Terrorists Neutralized

The Ministry said that 2 more terrorists were neutralized along with their weapons as a result of the armed clash and a total of 3 terrorists were neutralized in the operation.

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