Minimum Wage Determined in Turkey!

Minimum Wage Determined in Turkey!

The 2023 minimum wage amount, which millions of workers and employers eagerly await in Turkey, has been announced. President Erdoğan announced the minimum wage amount to be applied in 2023 in front of the cameras. As it will be remembered, no result could be reached in 3 meetings held by the Minimum Wage Determination Commission. Erdogan, who had a meeting with Minister Bilgin last night, received information about the 2023 minimum wage hike. Stating that the parties could not agree on a common figure, President Erdoğan announced the minimum wage figure by putting an end to the minimum wage hike.

The eyes of millions of workers and employers were turned to President Erdogan’s announcement of the minimum wage increase. As it will be remembered, after the 3rd Meeting of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, an offer of 9 thousand lira came from Türk-İş. The Türk-İş Minimum Wage Determination Commission abandoned its third meeting when the government and employers’ representative failed to receive a positive response to TİSK’s proposal. President Erdoğan announced the minimum wage to be applied in 2023 in front of the cameras in Beştepe. Thus, “How much was the minimum wage?”, which concerns millions of employees in Turkey. question answered. So how much was the 2023 minimum wage hike, how much was it? How much is the new minimum wage increase gross and net? Here are the last minute developments regarding the new minimum wage hike and President Erdogan’s statement…

Minimum wage


President Erdoğan announced the minimum wage to be applied in 2023 in front of the cameras.


Erdogan stated that the net minimum wage that will be valid in 2023 is 8500 TL.

In the continuation of his statements, Erdogan said:

Minimum wage

Unfortunately, the workers and employers could not agree on a common figure. We respectfully welcome the proposals and decisions of all parties. Both parties will adopt an attitude in line with their own interests. The most important thing for us is the emergence of the most accurate and sustainable figure for our country. We have approached the matter from this perspective and made a sincere effort to reach a reasonable compromise between the parties. We want Türk-İş to be among us. Since one of the parties did not participate, we could not leave the minimum wage in the middle. Since the parties could not reach an agreement, there were many minimum wage negotiations before. The minimum wage figure that we will explain is in line with the economic and social image of our country.

In the past weeks, we have resolved many issues such as the recruitment of public servants and contracted personnel.

Minimum wage

In this way, we will determine the rate of increase in civil servants and pensions. We will continue to offer each and every one of our people the possibilities of a developing Turkey that is kneaded in the clutches of the scorpion. The minimum wage, which was 184 TL in 2002 in our country, increased 30 times and 142 percent in real terms in our period.

We earned 4253 TL by increasing the minimum wage by 50 percent. Not only that, we abolished the taxes on the minimum wage. The high increase in inflation during the year caused us to increase the minimum wage to 5500 liras with a new regulation. Let’s not forget that this state has a pancake.

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