Millions of fish die in Australia’s river basin

Millions of fish die in Australia’s river basin

Millions of fish died yesterday in the river basin in the Australian state of New South Wales. Officials announced that the fish died of lack of oxygen due to the depletion of dissolved oxygen from organic materials accumulated in the river, whose water was reduced due to the extreme heat wave in the region. Millions of fish died yesterday in the Darling River in the city of Menindee, New South Wales, the river surface was almost completely covered with dead fish. After the dead fish were seen by the local people in other streams and rivers in the basin, the authorities made a statement yesterday and confirmed that large-scale deaths occurred. “It is estimated that millions of fish are affected, most of them Bone Herring (Bone Sea Bream),” officials from the New South Wales Primary Industries Authority (NSW DPI) said in a statement.

fish die in Australia's river basin

Cause of Fish Deaths

HYPOXIC KARASUDPI stated that organic materials such as leaves and pieces of wood brought by the floods accumulate in the river (black water) and that the extreme temperatures experienced later cause the water to decrease, and the accumulated organic materials reduce the dissolved oxygen in the water (hypoxic blackwater), causing the death of the fish. Again, it was underlined that the excessive concentration of the fish population in the river after the flood was also effective in fish deaths. Officials of the State Irrigation Council said in a statement yesterday, “Billions of carp breeding in floods are now exceeding the carrying capacity of the rivers in the Basin as the floods recede, causing deoxygenation of the water as they die and killing local fish.” made the statement. The air temperature in the region reached 40 degrees.

Millions of fish die in Australia’s river basin!

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