Miletus Ancient City

Miletus Ancient City

Miletus Ancient City has played an important role in history. Especially as the capital of science, art and philosophy, it has been shown as an example to other ancient cities. Miletos school had a very important contribution in the advancement of ancient Greek civilization in the field of science. Anaksimenes, Anaximandros and Hekatios respectively are valuable thinkers and scientists who left a trace in history in the fields of existence, universal laws not based on gods, and geography. Miletus ancient city is an extremely important place where the foundations of rational thought, geometry, philosophy and astronomy were laid. Miletus Ancient City, with its famous name known in history, Miletos, has a deep historical past and this past goes back to the polished stone age. It is clearly stated in many historical sources that Miletos experienced a great flare with seamanship in the Archaic period. It is known that the city, which has been highly affected by the weather conditions throughout history, has lost its connection with the Aegean Sea as a result of the rise of the waters in the Aegean, the change of the mouth of the Büyük Menderes river many times and the soil filling with alluviums. The city, which is far from the sea today, is an important science and philosophy center. Looking at its history, Miletus ancient city started to be filled with the alluvium carried by the Büyük Menderes River, and over time it lost its quality as a very important port city. Miletus was transformed into an Episcopacy, starting from 5378 AD. With this change, the ancient city gradually became smaller and was limited to the theater and the castle. Miletus ancient city, which was called Palatai in the Byzantine period, came under the rule of the Turks in the 13th century. It is known as Balat in the history of the Principalities and the Ottoman Empire.


Today, Miletus Ancient City is located in Didim District of Aydın, one of the favorite tourism cities. You can reach Miletus, which is about 22 km north of Didim center, by following the Didim Güllübahçe Road by private vehicle, as well as by minibus, midibus and taxi options that pass through Altinkum and the center of Didim.

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