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Microsoft Turkey Transferred Management to Turkish Software Developer!

Microsoft Turkey Transferred Management to Turkish Software Developer!

Microsoft Turkey’s mistakenly handing over the management to a Turkish software developer had a great impact on social media. Details are here!

In addition to the launch of ChatGPT-4 with Bing, there was another interesting development on the Microsoft front. Turkish software developer Mehmet Tütüncü accidentally received an e-mail from the management of Microsoft Turkey and the incident caused great repercussions on social media.

Mehmet Tütüncü rebelled against Microsoft on his Twitter account regarding the incident and used the following expressions: “Dear @MicrosoftTR company, you did this to me, I cannot reach you by dm or mail. Did you hire me? Shall I give you the salary news? Microsoft on TV of the software developer. Are you running it?

Microsoft Turkey

Programmer who accidentally became the manager of Microsoft Turkey: Mehmet Tütüncü

Tütüncü stated that he opened the message titled “Welcome, Microsoft Turkey is Now on Google My Business” that he received in his post and that he saw the “Activate Now” button in the message. Tütüncü, who found himself as the manager of Microsoft Turkey after pressing this button, said that he could also access Microsoft Turkey’s business account in Google. Tütüncü stated that Microsoft Turkey has full authority over the business profile and has many powers such as advertising, profile and product editing.

Tütüncü, who tried to reach Microsoft from everywhere, did not receive any response. He shared the event on his Twitter account and the event went viral. It is not certain whether Microsoft is aware of this error, but people from many platforms such as LinkedIn are reporting the situation to Microsoft.

Although this mistake of Microsoft Turkey stood out as an example of the technology giant’s weaknesses in security, this incident also appealed to many people’s sense of humor. Companies need to strengthen their security systems so that such mistakes do not happen again in the world of technology.

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