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‘Claude’ Debuts As A Competitor To The Viral ChatGPT

Continuing to make a sound in the world, ChatGPT also provides different alternatives. One of them is Claude. Combining artificial intelligence and natural language processing processes, ChatGPT managed to make a big impact in a short time. Different alternatives are being developed in addition to Microsoft, one of the biggest names we come across here, which different technology companies have decided to integrate.


A group of ex-employees who left the OpenAI team behind ChatGPT and started their own company, while continuing to work with Anthropic, announced Claude. The structure, which is based on artificial intelligence and is a chat bot like ChatGPT, is shown as ‘easier to chat’ by the company directly and it is reported that it has less potential to produce harmful results compared to ChatGPT.

Demonstrating how Claude works with a tweet announcing that they have established different collaborations, the Anthropic team offers exclusive access to support businesses as well. The system, which is explained one by one, basically covers what ChatGPT can do, writing articles, giving natural answers to the questions asked and basically finding solutions to the problems. Claude does not have any internet access and there is a different version as well.


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