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Microsoft Integrates ChatGPT With Bing To Attract Google Users

Microsoft is preparing to integrate the ChatGPT chatbot, which Google sees as a major threat, into the Bing search service. The company intends to attract Google users with this move.

Microsoft is preparing to integrate ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot developed by OpenAI, into the Bing search service. According to a source reached by Bloomberg, Microsoft hopes to provide more understandable, dialogic and context-appropriate answers to users’ queries in this way.

With this move, the software giant intends to attract Google users to its search engine. The company plans to roll out the feature in the next few months, but is currently evaluating the accuracy of ChatGPT responses and how quickly it can be integrated into the search service.

It Is An Alternative To Google Search

As you know, Bing is not at a level to compete with the engine of Google, the leader of the search industry, in many respects. However, the company has reportedly been testing ChatGPT-based technologies for months. Backed by Microsoft’s $1 billion investment, OpenAI opened ChatGPT to the public for users to try out in November.

The chatbot has had a very positive impact on millions of users. In fact, there has been talk that ChatGPT could become an effective alternative to the Google search service. The intense agenda of the subject caused Google to see ChatGPT as a threat. The company, which gave a red alert, accelerated its work on similar technologies.

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