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Microsoft Aims to Develop Artificial Intelligence that Can Diagnose Cancer!

Microsoft Aims to Develop Artificial Intelligence that Can Diagnose Cancer!

The world-famous technology company Microsoft has rolled up its sleeves to develop artificial intelligence that can diagnose cancer. Here are the details!

Microsoft, one of the world’s largest technology companies, has taken an important step for the health sector. In cooperation with Paige, a digital pathology company, it planned to develop an artificial intelligence that can diagnose cancer.

Paige, known for its success in pathology, will develop an image-based AI model for digital pathology and oncology using Microsoft’s advanced cloud computing infrastructure. If successful, it will be an important step forward in cancer diagnosis.

Groundbreaking Project with Artificial Intelligence!

This project, planned by Paige and Microsoft on artificial intelligence, will break new ground in the health sector as soon as it is successful.

Aiming to create the largest image-based artificial intelligence (AI) model, the two companies will be able to identify common types of cancer and hard-to-diagnose cancers.

The AI model will have up to four million digitized microscopic slides of cancer types. According to a press release from Paige and Microsoft, the AI model is trained on unprecedented amounts of data, including billions of images.

Diagnose Cancer

Cancer diagnosis normally involves pathologists examining tissue on a glass slide. In examinations under a microscope, missing the slightest detail can lead to misdiagnosis.

Researchers think that the artificial intelligence model will help medical professionals in such mishaps. It is expected to facilitate earlier detection of cancers and an efficient treatment method.

So, do you think the artificial intelligence model to be developed will really help healthcare? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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