Meta Announced: Avatars Can Now Be Used in Video Calls

Meta Announced: Avatars Can Now Be Used in Video Calls

Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, introduced a new feature that will be valid in video calls with an announcement published today. Details are here!

In a statement made today, metaavatars can now be used in video calls. As part of the Metaverse vision, the new add-on is a remarkable start on what you can do with the avatar system over time.

The new feature that Metabrings is similar to using one of Apple’s emoji avatars. The avatars developed by Meta can also follow your facial expressions and mouth movements.

Meta Announced

Join the Meta Avatar Trailer

This innovation in the avatar can make it easier to understand what the person you are talking to is actually saying. In the new feature, you can set many animal figures such as dog, owl, cat as your avatar in the video.

Unlike other apps, Metaalso offers different animated avatar stickers that let your avatar be the one that actually approves in a chat or laughs on the ground.

In addition to all these features, Metasays it also standardizes the way avatars appear in VR and its family of apps. Inviting its users to originality and difference, the technology company offers many costume possibilities in its avatar store.

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