Meta’s new AI composes music from commands

The Meta MusicGen AI artificial intelligence music generator can learn tens of thousands of high-quality music tracks and create 12-second tracks with a short text input.

At the point where artificial intelligence technologies have reached today, it continues to surprise the world. With commands, it became possible to create logical texts, develop software codes, create images and videos, and even compose music.

AI composing music from Meta

The new technology, called Meta MusicGen AI, takes a short text description from the user and composes 12 seconds of music according to the description. Of course, it is not in a position to replace traditional compositions, but it is important in terms of showing the point reached.

Technology currently focuses on the instrumental style. The 10 thousand high quality and licensed songs in the library are blended with free songs from platforms such as Shutterstock. Thus, a very large library is obtained.

Although artificial intelligence creates all kinds of content today, it has also become the focus of copyright discussions. Because it scans existing catalogs, it can contain parts that will be subject to copyright. Artists and studios are already starting copyright lawsuits against AI music.

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