Memoli Zengin Became Japan Kick Boxing Champion

Memoli Zengin Became Japan Kick Boxing Champion

Memoli Zengin, who attracted attention with his outstanding achievements in a variety of fields ranging from cinema to theater, sports to all kinds of art, was also a huge success in international sports branches. Mehmet Zengin, a Turkish actor, model musician, and kickboxer who goes by the stage name Memoli Zengin, has won the Japan Kick Boxing Championship.

Memoli Zengin, a Gaziantep native, jumped right into the art field after finishing his primary and secondary education in Gaziantep Şehitkamil. Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin), who trained acting with Ayla Algan after graduating from high school, first acted in the same frame with Şahan Gökbakar in the movie “Recep İvedik”, which was directed by Togan Gökbakar and broke the ratings on YouTube.

Memoli’s Rise to Fame: How Did He Get There?

Memoli Zengin, who climbed the fame ladder one step by step and achieved great achievement in sports, became the Japan Kick Boxing champion. In addition to his accomplishments in sports and the arts, Zengin played a successful role in the 2008 film GORA, which was produced by Cem Ylmaz and Ali Taner Baltac. 

Memoli Zengin, who co-starred alongside director, actor, and producer Cem Yılmaz in AROG, which is created a great impression in the fields of science fiction and fantasy humor, received a lot of praise. The character of Arif, which is about Arif’s new journey, which was presented in Turkish cinemas on December 5, 2008, entered the vision on May 12, 2008.

Memoli Zengin, who starred in Hakan Algül’s film Eyvah eyvah, which tells the story of Hüseyin and Firuzan, who came to Istanbul with an unexpected incident in Çanakkale Geyikli in 2010 and continued their lives by playing the clarinet, became the Japan Kick Boxing champion.

He continues to acting.

Memoli Zengin also displayed a successful image in the comedy film “Berlin Kaplanı”, which was released on January 27, 2012. He also directed “Romantik Komedi 2”, which was produced in 2011 by BKM and directed by Hakan Algül. On January 1, 2014, he made a big impact in his role in the movie “Patron Mutlu Son Diliyor” directed by Kıvanç Baruönü, starring Tolga Çevik, Ezgi Mola and Murat Başoğlu. The German premiere of Delibal took place in the Ufa Palace in Stuttgart, whereas the Azerbaijan premiere held at the normal film center. On the 10th weekend of 2016, the world competition for the best child model was conducted in Burgas, Bulgaria. Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin) of Turkey took first place out of 42 nations’ youngsters.

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