Marriage and divorce rates increased in Turkey

Last year, the number of married couples in Turkey rose to 561 thousand 710, and the number of divorced couples rose to 174 thousand 85.


Turkish Statistical Institute published the marriage and divorce statistics for 2021. Accordingly, the number of couples who got married last year increased by 15.02 percent compared to 2020 and reached 561 thousand 710. The crude marriage rate was 6.68 per thousand.

Last year, the number of divorces increased by 27.46 percent compared to the previous year and rose to 174 thousand 85. The crude divorce rate was 2.07 per thousand.

Last year, the average age at first marriage was recorded as 28.1 for men and 25.4 for women. 33.6 percent of divorces took place in the first 5 years of marriage, and 20.9 percent took place within 6-10 years.

The highest crude marriage rate is in Kilis

The highest crude marriage rate was seen in Kilis with 8.27 per thousand. This province was followed by Şanlıurfa with 8.06 per thousand and Adıyaman with 7.99 per thousand. The province with the lowest crude marriage rate was Gümüşhane with 4.86 per thousand. This province was followed by Tunceli with 5.11 per thousand and Bayburt with 5.22 per thousand.

Last year, the province with the highest crude divorce rate was İzmir with 3.04 per thousand. This province was followed by Antalya with 3.01 per thousand and Uşak with 2.93 per thousand. The province with the lowest crude divorce rate was Şırnak with 0.38 per thousand. This province was followed by Hakkari with 0.40 per thousand, Siirt and Muş with 0.46 per thousand.

Syrians rank first among foreign brides

While the number of foreign brides was recorded as 23,687 in 2021, 4.2 percent of the total brides were foreigners. Looking at their nationalities, Syrian brides ranked first among foreign brides with 14.6 percent. Syrian brides were followed by Azeris with 10.1% and Uzbeks with 9.8%.

While the number of foreign grooms was 4 thousand 976 last year, this figure was 0.9 percent of the total grooms. When the foreign grooms were examined according to their nationality, the Germans took the first place with 25.2 percent. These were followed by Syrians with 20.7 percent and Austrians with 5.5 percent.

Marriages decreased in April and May with the effect of full closure and Ramadan.
When the number of marriages is analyzed by months, there has been an increase in the other months compared to the same months of the previous year, except for January and February of 2021. With the effect of the epidemic and Ramadan, full closure and a significant increase in June were detected. The number of marriages, which was 21 thousand 676 in May last year, increased 3.5 times to 75 thousand 137 in June.

When the divorce numbers are analyzed by months, there was a significant decrease in August due to the judicial holiday. While the number of divorces was 3 thousand 779 in the said month, it increased 5.8 times in September after the judicial holiday and reached 21 thousand 955.

As a result of the finalized divorce cases, custody of 165 thousand 937 children was given in 2021. It was decided that 76.1 percent of these should be given to the mother and 23.9 percent to the father. Disabled children under the age of 18 and over the age of 18 are also among the children who are given custody.

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