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Man Who Hasn’t Showered For 50 Years Dies

Man Who Hasn’t Showered For 50 Years Dies

Although he has not taken a shower for 50 years in Iran, the man who has no health problems surprised the doctors. The old man, nicknamed ‘Uncle Haji’, died at the age of 94.

According to the news of Iran’s official agency IRNA, the old man nicknamed “Uncle Haji” in Dejgah village of Farsband district of Fars province has not taken a bath for more than 50 years for fear of getting sick. A few years ago, the youth of the village tried to take the old man to the toilet, but without success. It is said that when he realized that the old man was being taken to the nearby creek to wash at another time, he jumped out of the car and fled.

Hasn't Showered

Hasn’t Showered

He couldn’t wash because he was afraid of getting sick

The old man, who avoided taking a bath because he was afraid of getting sick, was given a bath years later with the efforts of the villagers. But a few months later, the 94-year-old man fell ill and died. It is also known that the old man, who won the respect of the villagers due to his resistance to harsh natural conditions, did not marry throughout his life.


It was claimed that the old man, who stayed in a doorless hut built by the villagers, did not suffer from any disease for years, despite living on the food he ate from the garbage. It was claimed that the old man, whose reason for choosing the life style in question was unknown, was mentally stable before he died, and was aware of current issues in the country and the world as much as he heard from the public.

Hasn't Showered

Hasn’t Showered

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