Makes you rich! It is sold for 40 liras in the garden and 80 liras in the market.

In the Gazipaşa district of Antalya, there has been an increase in the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits grown indoors and outdoors in recent years. Producers turned to tropical fruit cultivation, whose consumption increased during the pandemic process. The production area of high-income tropical fruits has nearly doubled in the last 2 years. Tropical fruit production started on 140 decares of land, of which 50 decares are under greenhouse and 90 decares are open garden gardens.

In Gazipaşa, which is known as ‘Turkey’s tropical fruit garden’ with its product variety, the tropical fruit production that started with banana was followed by avocado. In addition to bananas and avocados, which are widely produced in the region, mango, dragon fruit, papaya, passiflora, coconut, longan, lichi, jambu, jackfruit, druian, white sapote, black sapote, carambola, wampei, cherymoya, atemoya, umbrella, rose apple, Babylonian fruit, Ketem billa, Keyelmasi, napal plum, coffee tree, Fejualime, Lemon, kiwi, Gouva, Strawberry gouvasi, grapefruit, Buddha’s hand, Finger lemon, goji berry, Pepino, gooseberry, Kumquat, Groviola, Snake fruit , 42 different plant species such as sapodilla and tamarind are grown.

Supporting the promotion of tropical products and the orientation of producers towards gardening, Mustafa Ezici talked about the fact that mango yields 12 months of the year. Ezici stated that the producers, who sell the bananas in their garden for 4.5 liras per kilo, have started to turn to mangoes, which are sold for 40 liras.

Mango producer Musa Ersoy said that there are 300 mango trees in 8 acres greenhouse production area. Explaining that they started the second harvest, Ersoy stated that the mangoes he produced weigh between 800 grams and 1 kilogram. Ersoy stated that he expects an income of 300 thousand liras from mango production this year.

Gazipaşa Chamber of Agriculture President Yusuf Çelik said, “The production of fresh fruits and vegetables is very common in the region. We have many types of products such as bananas, cucumbers, eggplants and beans. Producers have started to turn to tropical fruits to order. To produce tropical fruits that are easy to maintain and have a good income.” Adapting to Gazipaşa, mango also adapted to open and greenhouse production. Yield is good. It was determined that 200-300 thousand liras were earned from 7-year-old mango trees. I think our producers will earn more income by turning to tropical fruits.”

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