‘Luminous’ shark spotted in Turkish waters

In Antalya, one of the most popular cities of summer tourism, a ‘luminous’ shark was caught in the fishing line of a fisherman. The shark on the red list can grow up to 3 meters…

A ‘luminous’ shark was attached to the fishing line of Savaş Dursun, who was engaged in sport fishing 1 mile off the coast of Antalya.

Dursun, who was surprised by what he saw when he took the fish to his boat, immortalized those moments with the photographs he took.


According to the news reported by İhlas News Agency; Dursun, who released the blunt-nosed shark back into the sea, said that he had been fishing for 28 years and that he had encountered such a fish for the first time.

prof. Dr. Mehmet Gökoğlu, on the other hand, stated that this shark species, which lives in deep waters, attracts and attracts its prey thanks to its light-scattering ability.


Stating that the fish were caught in his fishing line at a depth of 400 meters about 1 mile off the shore, Dursun said, “I could not recognize the fish that came to my fishing line. Even if I hadn’t caught it, I should have seen it. I was a little cautious. His teeth were terrible. I always release fish species I don’t know. When we researched it, we learned that it is the brightest vertebrate in the world. It glowed under the sea and had the fattest liver. We caught and discovered very big fish, but this was also a surprise for me.”

“Eyes Like Emerald”

Savas Guzel, who had a shark hooked twice before, said, “I saw it for the first time too. I’ve heard that it radiates light from its eye and has the characteristic of attracting prey to itself. The fish’s eyes are like emeralds. It is a different animal and I was very surprised,” he said.


Stating that the blunt-nosed shark lives in deep waters, Akdeniz University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gökoğlu noted that this fish, which has the ability to shed light with the bioluminescence method, continues its life in deep waters. Noting that the species in question is a rare species of shark caught in the Mediterranean, Gökoğlu said, “There is no danger because it lives very deep. It does not enter shallow waters. It usually spends its life at the bottom and feeds on the creatures there. A biologically luminous species. It attracts other fish because it emits light. This fish exists in all seas. A fish that can grow up to about 2.5-3 meters. It is one of the fish that gives little offspring. It is not a fish that is caught very often. It is under protection and on the red list.”


Emphasizing that the images taken and shared on social media create fear in the citizens, but that the incident in question is far from the coast and does not pose a danger, Gökoğlu added that the shark population has decreased considerably at the moment.

Source: UAV

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