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Loss Of Life Rises In The USA: The Death Toll Rises To 41

Loss Of Life Rises In The USA: The Death Toll Rises To 41

The death toll from the “one-in-generation” freezing blizzard in the United States continues to rise. While the death toll increased from 26 to 41 due to the snowstorm, it was reported that millions of people were left without electricity and thousands of flights were canceled.

The loss of life is increasing in the snowstorm that has taken the USA under its influence in recent days. It was stated that the death toll, which was initially described as 26 people, has finally increased to 41.

In The USA


In some regions with heavy snowfall, an emergency was declared and a driving ban was imposed. Power grid operators in some states urged users to save money due to the capacity problem. Due to the snowstorm that was effective in the country, millions of people were left without electricity and stuck in their homes.

In The USA


The “deadly blizzard”, which spread from the Great Lakes in Canada to the Rio Grande on the Mexican border, adversely affected about 60 percent of the US population. Flight tracking site FlightAware reported on Sunday, December 25, that 1645 domestic and international flights were canceled and 3869 flights were delayed in the US. The National Weather Service also reported that snow depth at Buffalo Niagara International Airport reached 109 centimeters on Sunday morning.

In The USA

Authorities also announced that a powerful hurricane called a “bomb cyclone” occurred when atmospheric pressure suddenly dropped near the Great Lakes. It was reported that the hurricane caused strong winds and snowstorms.

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