Long Beach

Long Beach

Kuşadası Long Beach, beaches and national parks in Kuşadası district are wonderful places worth visiting. There are beautiful scenic bays and beaches where you can have a holiday together with places you can visit. Kuşadası long beach is one of the most ideal areas where you can have a holiday in the district. In addition to vacationing here, you can stay in luxury hotels in the surrounding area and have a pleasant time. Located in Kuşadası district, Long beach is a great place for a holiday. Long beach, which is among the places you should definitely come to with its length and beautiful view, is a decent area where you can spend a peaceful holiday. You can have a pleasant holiday on the long beach that covers the borders of Güzelçamlı national park. Long beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Kusadasi, is one of the places that should be discovered in the region. Long beach is one of the magnificent holiday places where you can spend time in Kuşadası. It is the tourism center district where tens of tourists and holidaymakers come annually. Also, it is clear and its sand is thin.

 Kusadasi long beach is a very nice place for a holiday, as well as a luxurious place in terms of accommodation. You will see many sites on your way to Long beach, which is a wonderful beach with its clean sea and beautiful view. The people of the site and hotel customers are generally seen on the beach. The entrance to Long beach beach, where daily vacationers come, is completely free.


There are different alternatives to reach the Long beach beach, which is close to the border of the district. Long beach, located in Kuşadası district of Aydın province, is a long beach and has many different names. You can reach Long beach beach from Davutlar beach, which is one of the places preferred by holidaymakers in recent years. You can take the minibuses that move around the center to get here. The minibuses pass through the old sites and reach the beaches. If you are going to use your personal vehicle, you can come from side roads.

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