Like A Subway! Electric Autonomous Metrobus Tests Start

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) started test drives of new metrobuses with 100 percent electric and autonomous driving technology as of April 1. These new metrobuses are 4 wagons and 40 meters long and have a capacity of 420 passengers. Here are the details

IBB has started testing electric autonomous metrobuses for Istanbul!
Compared to their diesel predecessors, electric metrobuses save 60 percent fuel, potentially saving around 2.5 million liras per 100,000 kilometers. They also contribute to environmental protection by helping to prevent 300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

IBB stated that this investment will contribute positively to both the environment and the municipal budget. Electric metrobuses also aim to reduce noise pollution in the city with their quiet operation.

But is there a need for this vehicle?
The metrobus line in Istanbul carries approximately 1 million passengers a day on a 52-kilometer line stretching from Beylikdüzü to Kadıköy. IBB is also testing electric metrobuses in order to relieve the density on the metrobus line and provide a more sustainable transportation. This is because the transportation capacity is higher and the operating costs are much lower.

IETT General Manager İrfan Demet explained that the new electric metrobuses provide two-way driving, have a range of 80 km with a full charge and can cover a distance of 50 km with a 20-minute charge. He also stated that these vehicles have the capacity to carry 420 passengers, thus significantly increasing passenger capacity.

Metro Istanbul General Manager Dr. Özgür Soy stated that they aim to bring rail system standards to the metrobus line with electric metrobuses. The new generation metrobuses aim to contribute to preventing accidents and providing a safer transportation experience with autonomous driving and various technological equipment.

Finally, it should be noted that the new electric metrobuses have a power capacity of 295 KW and include a range of technological equipment that offers wide and spacious transportation. However, the test results will show how sufficient the range is for a metrobus.

Although it offers a range of 50 km in 20 minutes and 80 km on a full charge because it charges very fast, these vehicles, loaded at maximum capacity in winter conditions, can barely complete the 52 km route. Moreover, the decline in battery life after a few years may cause these vehicles to remain on the road.

On the other hand, if it has a modular battery structure, there may be no need to think about this issue. Of course, IBB officials will carry out the necessary tests considering all these situations and then decide on the suitability of the vehicles for the line.

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