Lara Beach

Lara Beach

One of the first places that come to mind when it comes to vacation is undoubtedly Antalya. Welcoming millions of local and foreign tourists every year, Antalya offers great options for those who want to have a sea holiday. If you are dreaming of a holiday where you will leave the tiredness of the whole year behind, turn your route here and throw your towel among the beautiful beaches of Antalya. Antalya beaches attract the attention of not only our country but also the world. There are beautiful beaches in Antalya, where nature and holiday come together with fun. Antalya beaches are the biggest tourist magnet of our country. Already used frequently breathtaking photo of Lara Beach of Antalya in the promotion of Turkey. Strangely, there are foreigners who have come to Antalya 3-5 times, although they have never been to Istanbul. You can swim in Antalya from May to the end of October, you can prefer to come at the end or beginning of the season instead of the summer months to avoid the stifling heat and crowds. Some beaches have facilities, some are untouched, but all of them are highly preferred places.

Lara Beach, once one of the most famous beaches in the center of Antalya, is now overcrowded in summer. The beach is sandy as far as the eye can see. Also, it is a beach where summer training camps are generally set up, and there are also tent camp facilities. Compared to Konyaaltı Public Beach, its water is warmer and when you enter the water from the shore, deepening occurs at a further distance than it. The beach is on the 2017 Blue Flag Beach List.


Lara Beach is one of the places preferred by those who want to have a picnic. After enjoying a barbecue among the trees, you can immerse yourself in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. The most important advantage of Lara Beach is that it has a wide beach. Lara Beach is located 30 minutes away from the center. You can come with your private vehicle or easily reach by buses.


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