Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach

It is one of the most preferred beaches by local and foreign tourists to the world famous Kaputas Beach, and it is a natural formation beach where you can see all the beauties of the Mediterranean. You should enjoy swimming at this beach. If you happen to be in Kas or Kalkan, don’t come back without seeing this beach.

Kaputas Beach is famous for its turquoise color. As the color of the sea is constantly changing, your holiday is decorated with different visual feasts at different times. According to a rumor, this natural wonder is the place where the turquoise color comes out. After descending 186 steps, you reach the beach and leave yourself to these turquoise waters. Kaputas Beach is a natural formation that emerged with the splitting of the mountains. The Blue Cave, which is on the seaside between Kas and Kalkan, is 18 km from Kas and 6 km from Kalkan, and is on Kaputas Beach. You can see the cave with boat tours. The sunlight enters the cave by reflecting from the bottom of the sea and creates a bright blue phosphorescent color.

The sea owes its turquoise color to the almost white colored pebbles that cover Kaputas Beach. The reason why the sea is cool is that the spring water flowing from the mountains joins the sea underground. A municipality facility serves as a beach on the beach. It is possible to rent umbrellas and sunbeds and get cafe service from here. In the mornings, both the sea and the beach environment is calmer. The sea deepens immediately and generally mild, pleasant waves are formed.


When you come to Antalya from Bodrum, right after you pass Kalkan, before you come to Kas, you come across a bend. It is a beach you want to go with its color and immense beauty. Coming with your own car can be stressful for parking. The road to Kaputas Beach turns into a long car park. Perhaps it is best to come from Kas bus station by minibuses or taxi that regularly depart every 20 minutes in summer. It is also possible to come to the beach with private boat tours departing from Kas Harbor. When you come with these tours, you will have a long swimming break in Kaputas and visit the blue cave.


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