Kaleici is a very cute neighborhood in the heart of the city where you will not be able to drop your cameras with its historical houses. So it’s not nature, it’s a city break. In addition, it does not have summer or winter, it is one of the important centers of nightlife and social gatherings 365 days a year.

As a result, there are local people from Antalya as well as tourists. Kaleici is the only settlement in Antalya that stands out with its architectural texture. It is one of Turkey’s most Sigacik with sweet and best-preserved two historic residential living. It has been the heart of the city since the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Seljuk and Ottoman periods, and there is a layered history. There are old Antalya houses, sweet restaurants, souvenir shops, and bars that fill up even on weekdays. Hadrian, the Hadrian’s Gate, is one of the best preserved structures among all historical buildings in Antalya. It was built in 130 AD in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrianus, the door has remained intact for a long time since it was out of use for a long time. the walls that were built later blocked one side of the door. Much later, when the walls collapsed, the door was also exposed.

You must pass under the two-storey, white marble column, carved and embossed elegant door. As soon as you enter through Hadrian’s Gate, you are in Kaleci. This neighborhood is the historical district of Antalya center, famous for its restored and colorfully painted houses with courtyards and narrow streets.

Some of the houses here, especially the mansions, are operated as hotels and pensions, while some are boutique shops selling souvenirs and handmade products. It reminded us a little of the texture of Seferihisar. Definitely devote some of your time to the center of Antalya to these calm and peaceful streets of Kaleici.


You can reach Kaleici by landing at Antalya Airport with planes departing from Istanbul and getting on HAVAS vehicles departing from here. The last stop of the bus is 5M Migros AVM in the center. The journey takes about 35 minutes, but can vary depending on the traffic density. Transportation from the center to the airport is likewise provided by shuttle buses departing from 5M Migros Shopping Mall hourly.


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