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Kahta Castle Opened Its Doors to Visitors After 17 Years

Kahta Castle, built by the Commagene Civilization in Adiyaman and attracting attention with its view located on a dominant hill, met with its visitors after 17 years.

In the castle, which was used by the Commagene Kingdom, Rome, Byzantium and Mamluks and admired for its bazaar, mosque, dungeon and waterways, the restoration works carried out in 3 stages have been completed.

Bearing traces of three important civilizations on the Mount Nemrut tour route, the castle opened its doors to visitors after a 17-year hiatus after it was closed to visitors in 2005 for security reasons.

Governor Mahmut Cuhadar said that Adiyaman is a paradise hidden in tourism.

Stating that the city has many touristic potentials above and below ground, Cuhadar said, “We have serious resources that we have not yet discovered. Karakus Tumulus is one of them. We have been excavating the Perre Ancient City for the last 3 years and every time it is excavated, new discoveries come out that excite us.”

Reminding that Kahta Castle has been closed to visitors for 17 years, Cuhadar said:

“Kahta Castle went through a long restoration period. As part of the Revitalization of the Tourism Sector Project in Adiyaman, a glass terrace was built inside, the security strips of the walking paths were completed. It is now waiting for its visitors. I claim that Kahta Castle is one of the best preserved historical castles in Turkey. The castle It is a truly worth-seeing area. Our visitors will not regret it, we welcome domestic and foreign tourists here.”

Majestic Building

Museum Director Mehmet Alkan said that the castle was opened to visitors after the three-stage restoration works.

Providing information about the castle, which hosted 4 different civilizations, Alkan emphasized that the castle has a magnificent appearance with its bastions, inner palace structure, defense area, prayer room and dungeon structure.

Stating that visitors will have the opportunity to watch the castle from the glass terrace, Alkan said, “People will have a great excitement when they go here. Visitors had to come back here every time and ask when it will open. We have taken all security measures, we are waiting for our local and foreign visitors here.”

Visitors are satisfied

Austrian Susanne Kalla stated that she came 3 years ago and that she could not find the opportunity to examine the castle because it was closed to visitors at that time.

Hearing that the castle will be opened to visitors, Kalla said that he came back to the city, “I came to the city 3 years ago, but the castle was closed. I had to leave without seeing it. I was content to just take pictures from the outside. I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Because this castle is magnificent. I am a person who has traveled the world. I have seen many castles and “This place is very well preserved, I was very impressed,” he said.

Emmanuel Juste, who came from France, also stated that he was a travel guide in his hometown, that he would add his impressions of the castle to his travel book and update it.

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