Just when he was about to give up, he came to Turkey and became a completely different person! Rebecca Wilkinson’s life changed in Antalya…

The life of Rebecca Wilkinson, a 30-year-old mother of a child, completely changed after she came to Turkey. The young woman, who reached 183 kilograms when she was at her heaviest, was horrified by the stories of a fortune teller she went to. Rebecca, 30, who radically changed her life with the plane ticket she bought to Antalya in September 2020, is now very happy…

Rebecca Wilkinson’s life was radically changed by what her fortuneteller told her. Rebecca Wilkinson, 30, started gaining weight at a young age and was pregnant with her first child by the time she turned 18. After losing even more weight control, the young woman gained 65 pounds in less than two years.

She was consuming fast food-style meals that she ordered at home every day, or even twice a day, via takeaway. Not only that, Wilkinson continued with snacks like chocolate, chips, and sweets.

Rebecca, at her most overweight, fits the definition of “morbidly obese.” Thus, the amount of fat in his body had gained enough weight to negatively affect his health. Rebecca had reached 183 kilograms and was having trouble fitting in a size 58-60.

Rebecca, a mother of one child, has been on a diet for years, but without success. However, she is unaware that her life will change when she goes to a fortune teller. After the fortune teller who changed the young woman’s life tells Rebecca that if she continues her unhealthy habits, she has no future and that nothing will be the same as before.

Rebecca, who said that her life changed radically with the surgery she had when she came to Turkey, “After the surgery, my weight started to drop rapidly. It changed my life.”

Rebecca struggled with bullies during her teenage years and beyond. Whenever she was depressed, sad or bored, she would go out to dinner to feel good. She started gaining weight rapidly, especially when she became pregnant with her daughter, Libby, who is now 12.

Rebecca, “After weight loss, we want to come back to Turkey to undergo a recovery operation for sagging in our body,” says Rebecca.

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