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January 2022 Rent Increase Price Announced! What Was The CPI Rate?

What is CPI?

The consumer price index, or CPI as it is commonly used, is a measure that shows the average changes in the prices of a particular set of goods and services purchased by a typical consumer. It is used to measure the change in the annual inflation value.

What is the January 2022 CPI Rate?

With the announcement of inflation figures, the rent increase rates for January became clear. The rent increase rate, based on the twelve-month average of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), was 19,60 percent for January.


Sample Housing Rent: 2.000 TL

Rent Increase Rate (CPI): 19.60%

January 2022 Rent Increase Amount: 392 TL

January 2022 Rent Amount Including Rent Increase Rate: 2,392 TL

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